United Nerds - The Nerdery

This was a project that I created as a test for employment with The Nerdery. I really enjoyed working on the project, because it gave me a great look at what goes into UX design. I got to see the research involved, as well as early documentation, such as mood boards. Working off of these, as well as existing logo’s, colors, and fonts, made for an interesting project. I also received useful feedback on my design, which I utilized in updating the project. I made some additional updates 2 years later, once I had gotten a bit more UX and design education.

The design style requested was a combination of simplicity, and a bit of texture. I wanted to focus on clean griding and lots of open space, as well as utilizing color in the best way possible. With the number of elements on the home page required, it made sense to keep things separate, yet flowing together, to instruct the viewer where to go next. For mobile, I stuck with the same content flow, combing the two columns into one column. The top section was intended to stick to the top originally, but I didn’t really consider how the bottom navigation would work for scrolling.

When I came back to edit this two years later, I took into consideration things I’ve learned about design and UX over the time. I removed a lot of the drop shadow, using borders instead to separate things from the background. I also altered the darkness of some of the headers and buttons, to make them stand out more. Most importantly, I reorganized the header and navigation to save some room. The original seemed to take up too much room on the page. This allows for more content to show up above the fold. Overall, I think the design is more simplistic and clean. I made small alterations to the mobile view, mostly just updating the colors to match. I also added in a bit more of the yellow for links. Lastly, I took into consideration the position of the top bar and the bottom navigation, when the page is scrolled.