Minitab Web Design

One of my biggest design duties as a designer was creating landing pages for each of our products. I also worked with different teams and departments to create pages and sites for them, including the company blog, and the portal for all partners.

Minitab Engage landing page: A page meant to include all basic info as a reference point for the Minitab Engage software. Design in Adobe Xd

Live page

Minitab Connect landing page: Landing page meant to inform on the basics of Minitab Connect software. Designed with Adobe Xd.

Live page

Minitab Workspace landing page: A landing page meant to inform on the software Minitab Workspace. Designed in Adobe Xd

Live page

Redesign of blog for Minitab. Created to make it easier to navigate, more functional, and to add in new features. Designed in Adobe Xd

Live Page

Minitab Partner Portal: A website section intended for Minitab partners to learn more, get involved with the program, and find contacts at Minitab for partner benefits.

Resources page: A resources page made for a Fortune 100 company that utilizes Minitab products, branded specifically for that company, but hosted via Minitab. Intended to help the employees utilizing software learn how to use it more effectively.