Minitab Whitepapers

As a means of communicating how Minitab products work, as well as their selling points and features, white papers and one-page documents are one of the most effective forms. I created several throughout my time with the company.

A white paper created to show a case study of a real world client using Minitab Connect, and how it benefited their company.

A one pager meant to educate on Minitab Connect’s uses for data prep.

Created for use at trade shows, this bag insert is used to demonstrate how all of the Minitab products work together to achieve better data-driven decisions in business. Illustration was also used in various marketing materials as well.

An e-book utilized to explain the different methodologies referenced for various Minitab software. Many are created from acronyms which can be confusing for those who don’t know them well, and this book aimed to explain them, and how the different software capabilities can help to manage these methodologies, in the form of a periodic table illustration.