Simply Reserved Mobile App concept

An app that I designed and created wireframing/prototyping for as practice to learn more about mobile app design and UI/UX. My concept was to create an app where you could quickly reserve a table at a restaurant, while also getting all the info you needed to make your decision. I wanted to simplify the process, making it less strenuous. Many apps try to make a “one-in-all” experience, where you can get delivery, review apps, find photos, and make reservations all in one. That can be a lot to juggle, so I wanted something that serves a single purpose, and does it well.

These are the designs for the app, created in Adobe Illustrator

I often like to sketch everything out on paper to get ideas down somewhere, as a starting point. It’s easier and takes less time than creating something in a wireframe, and it gives me a starting place to take notes and jot down questions or things to check.