Zacks Investment Mobile App

While working for Zacks Investment, a stock market research company, I was able to completely redesign and test out a new version of the mobile app. The new version has largely been untouched design wise since I created it 4 years ago.

I designed the app in Illustrator, and built out the wireframing and prototyping using

The app itself was built out by the dev team at Zacks, and was created for both iOS and Android OS.

iOS App


The original version had been created by an outside company several years prior, and hadn’t been maintained or updated since then. It was in poor condition both from a design and UI/UX standpoint. The app also had a 2 star rating on the Apple app store, as it was only released for mobile iOS. I lead user testing on the existing mobile app to see what users wanted, and how it could perform better. I also conducted research of other similar mobile apps, and how they were displaying information and stock tickers.