Measured Marketing

I worked at Measured Marketing from 2013 through 2016. I started off as a Junior Designer, moved up to a Senior Designer supervising Junior Designers, and ended up an unofficial Design Lead. Throughout my career at Measured Marketing, I combined working on daily tasks such as email and banner ad testing and design, as well as assisting in training/hiring, testing new processes, and helping to develop new products.


Both helped me to gain useful skills in the marketing world. Email was something new to me, though the code to build it wasn’t entirely new. Learning to combine best practices with the wants and needs ( sometimes ill-advised) of the clients was a very valuable skill I acquired. I also learned quite a bit about interacting with others in the company and teamwork to build out new practices and products. I assisted in creating on-boarding materials for new clients, as well as building out landing pages as a new product to offer clients.

Email Marketing

Banner ads


SK Dentistry

SK Dentistry was a test we ran while developing the concept of offering Landing Pages as a new product to clients. Often times, our clients were small business, with websites that were either difficult to update, or with very little information. So when they had a promotion that they wanted to utilize email for, there was nowhere to link offers to for information or sign up. Mostly it was direct email or call driven.


A co-worker and I thought it would be valuable to offer these clients a service where we could build out a temporary landing page with all the information they needed for the promotion or offer, as well as any other vital information needed. This also allowed us to utilize video and other features that don’t function across all email platforms.


SK Dentistry’s owners were another co-workers parents, so we set up a test run with email, landing page, and banner ads to see how it would work with a new client offer, all of which I designed and programmed. The results of the test showed success, and a small number of email recipients utilizing the offer. After that, they began offering landing page services to clients. We built everything out for the landing pages using Unbounce, due to it’s integration of back end tracking.