Recipe Builder Mobile App Design

This is a project for a mobile app that I designed as a personal project. It’s called Recipe Builder.


Prototype here!


Have you ever been debating what to make for dinner, after a long day at work? You look around the kitchen, and can’t figure out what you could possibly make, with what ingredients you have on hand. Wouldn’t it be great if you could look up recipes based on JUST what you already have, without having to run to the store to get groceries? That was the idea behind Recipe Builder. I’m never a fan of having to run to the store to get more food, if I can just make something with what I already have.

I created some basic wireframes to try to work out the best way of setting up all the features of the app. There were enough menu items to include a side slide-out navigation. In addition to allowing someone to search for recipes, I also wanted them to be able to save recipes, create and add their own, and a feature called “Grocery List”, for the times you actually do want to go shopping.


The recipes needed to include the actual recipe, which would also have information, such as dietary restrictions, time to cook, and the actual instructions. I also wanted to include reviews and photos (both that the creator uploads, as well as anyone who tries out the recipe). I also wanted to give someone the option of rating the recipe, and leaving a short review.


The process of searching would involve adding one ingredient at a time to your list, and once you are done, you search based on those ingredients. Then you can scroll through results, and pick something to look over. The process of adding your OWN recipe was a bit more difficult. There’s a lot of information that’s required, including ingredients, measurements, time, photos, dietary restrictions, and instructions. I broke it down into steps, which you can go back and forth through, so it’s not a lot of info that you have to input on one single page. You also get to review what it will look like before you submit it, and you can go back and edit it at any time.