Measured Marketing - OMS

While working at Measured Marketing, one unique system that we used was our custom-built order management system. It was very rough and could be slow at times, but it worked for what we needed to accomplish. The company focused mostly on email marketing and deployment, so we needed a way to track the creative and deployment-side details for each campaign


Eventually, we decided to build out a new order management system. I worked with the company developer to build out wireframes and mockups to cement our ideas. I also sat with each department, watching their process with the current OMS, to see how they utilized it, and what they could use in a new system. It was a long process, due to every department having their own wish list for the system, sometimes conflicting.


The initial process involved mostly determining what was necessary, and how best to group the massive amount of information required for each campaign. We also needed to figure out how to restrict or guide each department, to only deal with information pertinent to their process.

I created roughly 6 sets of wireframes, each taking into consideration the requests and changes presented by each department, as well as the developers suggestions. In addition to building out for separate campaigns, which could be multiple under a specific advertiser, we also had to include sections for each of the different products or services that could be offered, inferring which were part of the campaign. We offered emails, display ads, retargetting, list suppression, and other services. It was a challenge to come up with a clean system that allowed users to see everything they needed, without overwhelming or confusing them with information.


View PDF of wireframes >>


Eventually we came down to one solid idea, with two variants. We would have a list display of all campaigns, with the ability to narrow them down via several factors (active, completed, specific locations). When you clicked on a project, you would either have a panel slide in on the right with information, or a popup that would have the information. I worked up mockups for both ideas.

Below are four different mockups I supplied. The first is a mockup for a tab on the right side of the screen, and the other three are for popups, which was the preferred method among those involved.

Unfortunately I left the company before the project was 100% complete, but it was in it’s testing phase before I left. The majority of my designs were utilized, though tweaked a bit, depending on what the developer and CEO found fit.